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Zeta Seshagiri
Vice Principal of Phoenix Park

Zeta began her early childhood journey in 1999. Prior to her career switch, Zeta was working in a hospital as a Human Resource Executive when she attained the Diploma in Administrative Management (UK).  With encouragement from some of her friends who have already embarked into the early childhood field at that time, she decided to make a career switch.  Zeta started off as an Assistant Teacher and after completing her Diploma in Preschool (Teaching) and then Diploma in Preschool (Leadership) in 2009 with the Learning Capital Institute, in collaboration with University of Wales (Cardiff UK), she rose up to be a senior teacher and then a Principal in 2014 with a local preschool in Singapore.  She constantly keeps abreast of the development in the early childhood field and is committed in reviewing teaching and learning practices in school.


Diploma in Administrative Management (UK)
Diploma in Preschool (Teaching) – MMI (Singapore)
Diploma in Preschool (Leadership) – Learning Capital of Singapore (in collaboration with University of Wales, Cardiff UK)