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White Lodge Mandarin Curriculum

The comprehensive Mandarin curriculum that White Lodge provides is unique to White Lodge and is based on the Singapore Kindergarten and Primary School frameworks.

With a dedicated Head of Mandarin working at the school, the fun-filled Mandarin programme aims to provide children with maximum exposure to the language, culture and history. With twice daily teaching of Mandarin at all White Lodge centres, the children have an extensive opportunity to increase their knowledge and proficiency of Mandarin. For the older children, their exposure to learning Mandarin is extended to reading and writing as well

Classroom activities include storytelling, singing songs, play-acting, reading program, rhythms, writing, art projects, movement and performances. A plethora of visual aids for children to interact with are used in teaching methods giving children a varied learning experience. In early 2018, Mandarin listening stations were introduced at centres. They make learning fun and interactive for Pre-Kindergaten and Kindergarten classes

All students from White Lodge are provided with a great foundation for the continued learning of Mandarin as a second language. When moving on to their next educational journey from White Lodge, students have great confidence in speaking and reading Mandarin.