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Field Trip to Marine Cove, East Coast

Field trips can be remembered long after a visit, enhancing the interest and engagement in environment resulting in developing a positive attitude towards a topic, including the opportunity to be cognitively engaged and challenged to explore areas of common interest with peers and facilitating adults. This is what we set out to do on a bright sunny morning of Saturday, 16th July 2016 amidst the plush green foliage of the Marine Cove, East Coast road. In line with our focus on the unit of inquiry into the inventions of Transport, this was an ideal day to have a family picnic by the beach side and see the ships anchored in the sea.

After a quick hello, we sang a few songs and participated in some morning stretches to energise the day. Amidst a lovely picnic spread, the children enjoyed the games with the families. A few popular games like the “Jumping Sacks”, the “Parachute” and the “Tug of War” added an exciting finish to the day! It is equally important to recognise that the learning outcomes from such experiences range from cognitive to effective outcomes generating interest and exposing children to new experiences!

Field Trips enhance children’s learning in the ‘real world’, providing valuable learning opportunities which may not be available in a school setting. These experiences provide for provocations that lead to further investigations in the classroom and support children in making strong connections to their learning. We thank all the parents who continue to support us in our efforts as we continue to make learning more meaningful for our children […]