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White Lodge celebrates Science Week

We are always excited about the excellent learning that is witnessed in our schools and take pride in the development of the most progressive curriculum in Early Childhood. As we know, children learn through play and discovery. This week as we ended the unit on Inventors and Inventions, the children had a day filled of observations, deductions, explorations and just good old fun through Science. As we transitioned from Inventors and Inventions, Toys and Transportation, it was important to do a review on what discovery was all about. Every class was turned into a laboratory. We even had an observation “dome” to look at the stars. The activities that were planned aimed not only to satisfy the insatiable curiosity that come with the young children, but also to teach the invaluable skills and values that they will require as they grow up. With every activity that they practiced patience, teamwork, observation and deduction. Some of the activities covered were “Volcanic Eruptions “with baking soda, Magic Milk, with soap, coloring in milk. […]