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White Lodge celebrates National Day

This year we celebrated Singapore’s 51st National Day as we draped in the colours of the flag: red and white and participated in many fun filled activities that were held in each school. The children were able to experience the beauty of Singapore as we explored its different iconic structures, geography and culture. We went on a ‘Singapore Tour’, iconic structures of Singapore were placed around the school and the children were able to identify all of them. The favourite was ‘The Merlion’, and we were able to see the water spouting from its mouth just like the one they saw near the pier.

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and consists of many different ethnic groups and reaps a wide array of food spanning from Indian to Chinese to Malay and Eurasian cuisines. The children were introduced to some of the popular foods in Singapore throughout the week as they spend time cooking and tasting food like Nasi Lemak, chappati, bread and butter pudding and fried noodles. The children visited different stations like the ‘kacang putih stall’, where we served local biscuits and wrapped them up in recycled paper magazines just like the olden days. To the teachers, this brought many fond memories of buying peanuts from the side walk vendors who usually dressed in their sarongs and white singlets. The children gathered together in a celebration assembly and they sang some of the National Day songs.

Everyone did the Singapore cheer with great enthusiasm as they stood up and waved their flags up high. The spirit of patriotism was there as the teachers, parents and children sang, their voices chorused each and every song together as a single voice. Thoroughly enjoyable was the skit done by the teachers. They dramatised the story of Sang Nila Utama and the discovery of Singapura, the island of Singapore. […]