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White Lodge celebrates Mid Autumn

Mid-Autumn festival, we took a day to commemorate this harvest festival with our lovely parents and staff at White Lodge. Thank you for coming to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us! The Chinese call it zhōngqiū jié’, which means harvest festival. The most important part to this celebration is the moon worship. This day is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar. Mid-Autumn has an ancient story to it. There are many versions of the legend. But we shared the legend of Chang E and Hou Yi with the children. We at White Lodge celebrated this event by first having a dramatization. Teachers were all dressed in their respective characters of Chang’ E and Hou Yi and show cased a wonderful performance for the parents and children. Then we had a sing along session with everyone. All of us sang songs in mandarin, in praise about the Lantern festival. Finally, we proceeded for our lantern walk. We had our ever enthusiastic children along their lanterns join us in the walk. They had a very good time with their loved ones and friends. […]