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White Lodge celebrates Food Revolution Day

Campaigning on eating healthy food is not easy as most of us are busy working and there is no one to cook at home. Eating out is more practical and convenient for most of us. However, according to a study done by the National Technology University in 2002, the impact on the eating pattern among Singaporean has contributed to the recorded high obesity level that can lead to serious diseases in the children later part of life (Ang & Foo, 2002). This resonates with Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolutionaries where their main objective is
to ensure that the children and adults are empowered to make the right choice when buying food. As such, White Lodge has decided to join the Revolutionary in doing our part to make changes and educate our children on their eating habits. This year we decided on making Blueberry Pancake for the Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and the Kindergarten and Super-fruit breakfast wraps for the Playgroup and the Pre-Nursery […]