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White Lodge celebrates Book Week

For the past three weeks, the children were introduced to fascinating books by renowned children authors like Eric Carle and Julia Davidson known for her popular rhyming stories for children, which include The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Stick Man! The children had an enjoyable three weeks delving into the world of fantasy! They enjoyed reading, singing along, enacting and watching different stories being acted out. Even their artwork was focused around these stories and they loved breathing life into through pretend play using masks, hats, paws and claws which they made. On the day of the celebration, the children and teachers came to school dressed in colourful and unique costumes depicting their favourite book characters! “Gruffalo” by Julia Davidson was one of the highlights of the day and the children dramatized the characters from the book. During Music and Movement, we enacted the song, “Going on a Bear Hunt”. The little ones were extremely excited to do the movements and hop on make-believe mud puddles in pretend play. The children from the Pre-kindergarten and the Kindergarten classes read the book, “The Little Red Hen” and upon which they sorted out grains and learnt how flour is mixed to dough for baking bread. The children became authors for the week when they each wrote their own book with their own illustrations which they drew and each proudly shared their own stories with their peers. It gladdened our hearts to see children enjoying themselves during the Book Week celebration! […]