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Wang Hong
Head of Mandarin

Wang Hong has been with White Lodge for a number of years, specialising in the area of Mandarin. She began her career in Early Childhood Studies when she majored in Preschool Education as she worked on her Bachelors Degree in Preschool Education in the Shandong Normal University in Jinan, China and Diploma in Preschool Education and Elementary Education in the Qingdao University of China. She has had four years teaching experience in this area working in similar school settings in China before joining White Lodge. She has worked as a Mandarin/Lead teacher at White Lodge Kindergarten, Upper Bukit Timah for three and a half years before taking on the role as Head of Mandarin. Having recognised her dedication and passion for the area of Mandarin language acquisition and curriculum deliverance, she moved on to the role in 2012.
Her area of specialisation and responsibilities include planning and carrying out lessons for children aged 18 months to 6 years, preparations for Primary 1 and helping them become aware of their roles in the school community, evaluating, reviewing and discussing the children’s progress with the Mandarin teachers on a regular basis, participating and organising in all areas of planning. With the rich experiences and professional qualification she has gained over the years, she hopes to instill the unique experiences for the children in the Mandarin Curriculum at White Lodge.
I choose to be a preschool educator it’s because I LOVE children! I often think of the lovely smiles, child-like wonder and language and I sense happiness and joy in my heart! Love, can create a beautiful soul; love can induce positive behaviour; love can sow the seeds for the birth of a beautiful language! As an educator, I am always working hard on the education front. Discovery, innovation, qualified moral character and excellent business ability to dedicate myself to education! We want to teach children to put in a hundred percent of their self-confidence and enthusiasm into their work. The children learn through a wide array of activities, which include Chinese songs, identify objects in Mandarin, recognise and write Chinese characters and much more! These are my greatest achievements and motivation. I am finally taking a step forward and I am excited to embrace my new leadership role. As the Head of Mandarin I guide, encourage, enrich and support the Mandarin teachers to make brilliant achievements. My goal is to make positive improvement in the development of the Mandarin Curriculum, mentor the Mandarin teachers, and build a strong foundation for the positive and meaningful Chinese language for the children.

Diploma in Preschool Education and Elementary Education