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Playgroups for Young Children in Singapore

Usually the first drop-off programme for little ones, the Playgroup class is for children aged eighteen months to 2½ years old. We offer a minimum of a two day a week placement, although strongly recommend parents to consider a three day week option if they are able; this higher frequency of attendance enables children to more quickly develop familiarity with their surroundings and establish a routine.

The Playgroup programme encourages children to explore their environment. It is designed to foster language and social development through a variety of theme-based hands-on activities. A high teacher-child ratio of 1:6 ensures each and every child is thoroughly supported at this age. Lessons are conducted in English with 30 minutes of Mandarin incorporated into the day as emphasis is placed on the acquisition of verbal skills. Much work also goes into developing gross motor skills through building the children’s’ upper arm muscle strength and stabilising their trunk through the various outdoor and indoor activities.