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Raihanah Raimi (Hanah)
Curriculum Manager

Raihanah Raimi began as a student journalist with an interest to make positive contributions to the community. In 2008, she joined White Lodge and pursued a Diploma in Preschool Teaching concurrently. Embracing the beliefs, values and philosophies of the organisation and combining the inquisitive and creative skills as a journalist and the analytical and communication skills of an early childhood practitioner, she is now a mother who believes that integrating experiences in the real world will ultimately enrich and shape children’s lives and prepare them for the rapidly evolving future. Through active collaborative partnerships with parents, families and the community, she aspires to nurture children on their mission to grow and develop into the future leaders of tomorrow. She has successfully integrated children with exceptional needs into a mainstream pre-school setting through effective collaborative partnerships with families. She now mentors and coaches Principals in her leadership.

Diploma in Preschool Teaching
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Leadership
Diploma in New Media Curriculum