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Arev Jr
Head of Operations

ArevArev JR is no stranger to White Lodge. He worked at White Lodge during his school holidays and decided to build his career with White Lodge. Arev started off as a teacher’s assistant and moved on to help in the administrative and operational aspects of the organization before leaving to serve his National Service duty. After completing his National Service call up, Arev attained diplomas in Learning Disorders & Child Psychology and in Business Management.

He has completed his degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Management with the National University of Ireland. Arev’s forte is people’s skills and process management. He supports these skills with strong analytical understanding and good communications when dealing with people at all levels.

As the Head of Operations of White Lodge, his role is to manage the operational aspects of the business objectives of White Lodge. He manages the schools’ operations incorporating process compliance, equipment maintenance, quality improvements, planning and execution of school events; site audits and oversees all school bus operations.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Management
Diploma in Business Management